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Quality is our promise.

GME deals with the manufacturers and suppliers that are well-selected, and carries European/German high-quality brands, mainly from  Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

GME - About Us

Don't find anything, find quality.

First German Mechatronic Equipment Trading (GME) is specialised to provide high-quality equipment and tools. The manufacturers are small- and medium-sized companies, mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The suppliers are well selected. Therefore GME is able to provide minimum 1 year up to lifetime warranty. The GME team includes mechanical and electronic engineers. The very good network of specialists helps to find tailored solutions. GME is providing detailed technical consultancy, project planning, engineering and 2D as well as 3D photorealistic designing. We also offer a variety of hand, and power tools from different brands as well as measuring and testing devices, mobile workshops, working platforms, scaffolding systems, industrial lifting equipment, electrical tow tugs, and trailers, warehouse and workspace equipment, cleaning equipment, and we also propose facade and solar panel cleaning robots. First German Mechatronic Equipment Trading L.L.C. prime focus is to supply good quality   brands that can be utilized over the years, with the help of our partners in the European region.

Industry specialization.

The requirements for adhesives and sealing products vary widely depending on the industry and the particular application: Sometimes an adhesive is required to harden quickly and stick immediately, other times it needs to remain flexible for some time to allow for the readjustment of the objects being bonded.


Commercial Vehicles


Our expertise.

German Mechatronic Equipment has been an industry-leading Industrial Equipment Supplier since  2011. GME offers the highest quality products available on the market – and for the best and transparent prices. Go in touch with a member of our team today.

Why choose GME?

High quality

Adhering to an excellent standard of measure.

Customer service

Excellent customer service before and after sales.

Best brands

ISO certified manufacturing companies with high quality standards.

GME - First German Mechatronic Equipment Trading L.L.C

Established in 2011, we are dedicated to giving our customers the very best of Marine & Industrial solutions under one roof with a focus on Quality, Reliability, and Value for Money. 

We also offer sun shading solutions apart from workshop equipment.

As a system provider, HELLA delivers solutions for all sorts of objects. We provide individual lighting profiles for inhabitants of flats and houses, offices, hotels, industrial buildings or public spaces. Here you can find examples of our best products.

Write to us and we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

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